Privacy Policy

What information is collected?

This website is only collecting data if you wish to sign up in order to register a reference to your blog. This website is only collecting data that is available through the identity provider (IDP) that you choose when you signed up. The collected data is solely used to enable communication with you, to verify the blog URL and for informational purposes for visitors of this website.

The data that is collected from your chosen IDP is the following:

Additionally, the website collects this data (which is not shared with website visitors):

What information is requested from you?

If you decide to register a reference to your blog the website requests a few details about the blog in order to display the information in a useful manner to visitors.

The data that is requested is the following and shared with website visitors:

The website also accepts other values that are not shared with website visitors:

THIS WEBSITE IS NOT SELLING, TRANSFERRING OR EXCHANGING any of the given information to any other company or organization.

How is your data secured?

This website is using several security measures to protect your information.

Are cookies used?

For website visitors cookies are used to improve the usability of the website. For users who decide to sign up and/ or login cookies are used to enable the sign up or login procedure.

Blog references or third party links

Each new registered blog URL is confirmed by the website administrator. Nevertheless, we have no responsibility or liability for the content found at the referenced blog. The same accounts for other third party links.

Scope of this privacy policy

This privacy policy only applies to information that was retrieved online, not to any information collected offline.

In addition it applies if this website was reached by visiting one of the following:,,, and

Terms and conditions

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Your consent

By using this website you consent to these privacy policies.

Changes of this privacy policy

These policies have been updated last on 19. May 2019. Any updates will be announced on this website.


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